Basket Weaving

My baskets are a portrayal of nature and people.  Deep within each basket is a gratitude I’ve reached through my closeness with nature and my quests with life.  As i collect my natural materials, I ask permission of Mother Earth for her cedar bark, cattails, sweet grass and spruce roots.  Standing in the deep marshes to gather textiles, I reflect upon my grandmother and my great-grandmother , knowing I am much like them so many years ago.

Each of my baskets are designed with a mixture of traditions from various Northwest Coastal Tribes.  Every basket is an original of its own as the patterns and designs cannot be duplicated.

The natural elements of the materials are not hidden instead they enhance the beauty of the form.  There is simplicity and complexity all woven into exquisitely wrapped baskets.

I am excited to mix the designs of yesterday and today,  representing a newness in an art that has endured for thousands of years.

Working on a basket it slowly comes alive.  As I finish a basket it brings a wonderful sense of accomplishment to my life.







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